Sunday, February 5, 2012

i had a margaret atwood moment

"see, i mean, maybe the cactuses just wanted some love. their limbs are outstretched in that "let's hug" fashion us humans have, but maybe nobody returned their hug. as if living in a state of sand and humidity wasn't enough, they also went completely unnoticed and rejected. maybe in their sense of lonesome and their slump of depression, they realized they were doomed to be that way forever. so they decided if they were going to be alone, they mine as well be alone with some armour. over days and days their skin became pierced with these things that would fend off any enemies, but coincidentally, also any huggers. they became so angry that it manifested itself in prickles. their need for love became their biggest weapon. maybe in some sense, we're all just like the cactus. maybe we all just need a hug."

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