Tuesday, March 6, 2012

hamilton, ont. conveniently rooming with carly hamilton

feb 28.
written before the tears and the knowledge of another loss to yet another non-English speaking team.

we made it to the city of one-way streets decorated in brick. we arrived at the airport without windows and the city without greenery. we made it to the ambivalent destination of Hamilton. there is an amalgamation of upper, middle, and lower classes in this place; where neon signs boasting low-quality Asian cuisine sit next to the ritzy affairs of expensive boutiques. all of this is contrasted by a homeless population desperate for anything, and our confusion is even furthered when we're constantly unsure of whether we're downtown or in the suburbs. besides this, our day has been the shuffling of feet and the sleeping of eyes that so often accompanies early-morning travel. the scent of 4 A.M. has been carried across the country with us.
bring on the competition, hold on the physical exertion

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