Friday, February 3, 2012

i've got nothing for you to gain

a lot of laughter.
diaphragm overuse and the exasperation of the english language. freckles that shift and weird fluctuations in mental health levels. making everyone else around us absolutely crazy while we know this is just the sanity we need.
there was an earthquake in the cupboards that night. YOU'RE FUNNY.
it's a mission of vulgarity when a mouse and giraffe become best friends. there's bound to be a lot of words and anger to make up for the fact that we can never look one another in the eye. i like to call it our ladder of blasphemy. there's always an aroma of stares, whether induced by our height differences or our mouths which stew swears. we've got satan between the teeth.
one's the diseased, and the other one's the doctored.
and we're not really sure which one is which yet.

happy birthday, love.

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