Sunday, March 24, 2013

I can still taste those s'mores in the sky

Apparently I wrote this last June...

The sky is made of marshmallow here. After the sun dips its toes beneath the pool of the horizon, the sky is a rope of pastel colours and easter shades. It is a bag of coloured jet puffs melted onto the curtains of the heavens. It's an edible sunset.
It goes well with the moon that follows the sun's tail and comes loyally after it. At times it is a sliver; like a nuisance in the heel of the stars and the dark. Other times, she is full and watching, and the colour of a fresh pencil. And if you're lucky, luna is the shade of an expired sun. She is a simple glow with the suggestion of yellows + oranges + cheese-like qualities.
Who knew you could taste a sky from a roof in Palestine.

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