Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the future face of silent journalism

a divorce from the words. a moment of breath in the breadth of life.
there's been silence from these narratives for far too long. as ideas have floated and point-forms been jotted, nothing aside from academically forced papers have been written. and there was not much of their either, considering i did not put myself in any Communications classes this semester.
one part of my word spirit just wanted a break, wanted a lazy moment of redefinement. a sort of nap to help cope with the burnt out lifestyle of steve, volleyball, and school. and another part of me wanted to test myself. i wanted to see if i would hunger, if i would starve, if i wouldn't be able to move without them. would i choke without them? would a part of my self be denied, ruined, injured due to the famine of writing? well, there was a sense of loss, but there was certainly no choking. like an old friend who's stayed too long, used up your towels, and cleaned out your cupboards, there was also a sense of relief.
can a long-faced caricature of dutchness be the one to redefine an industry that's been built on push-and-shove for eras? should she stick to strictly blogging to an imagined audience and wondering what-could-have-been with the word affair?
well, in the words of no one great, I guess we'll never know.

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