Friday, November 16, 2012

just another day in paradise AKA anywhere that is not gaza

how can there be so much confusion about two simple things. two simple ideas. two simple man-made lines created in the sand that says "this is mine and that is yours".
research has been leading to dirty socks and dirty socks have been collecting in my mind that is the washing machine. it spins and spins and only seems to intrigue more socks and their dirt. what? i'm not sure either.
as I search deep into the religious books of Christendom, Judaism, and Islam, I found the same story again and again yet with a different narrative. each written by a person of their own faith doing some 1st century spin. everyone seems to be the chosen peoples and yet no one seems to be the chosen people. as I dig in the garden of mess that is Israel/Palestine, my own book continually speaks Old Testament words that do not comfort. a pro-Palestinian lost cause being judged by the 12 nations of Is-real; uncomfortable. better yet, the words I continually seek to back my own understanding and opinions are largely vacant and void; anxious. can civil rights of another really clash with God's, Allah's, Jehovah's will? and at this point I'm not only stirring in my seat but stirring in my mind. the laundry's ready again.
am I wrong about this? or better yet, is anyone right about this?
if this is how prophecy is to be fulfilled, I'm not certain I want a part of it.

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