Wednesday, July 25, 2012

john wayne gacy, jr.

a conversation of guns and blood. that's all you need to take a life.
some metal of the barrel, and some iron of the platelets.

and don't forget, of course, the ingredient of human stupidity or clinical insanity. that's usually what drives people to speak with their bullets rather than their mouths; that's usually where the one-way conversation begins and ends.
in light of the lives taken and the lives ruined; of the youth stopped young and the minds imprisoned with haunting imagery; there's the question of beginnings and ends. of ends and means. there's the applying of the 5 W's and filling in the blanks with our meager information. but rather than point to the redheaded fool who filled his barrel and stocked his room with ammunition, my question is for the rest of the American population. at the very least, this young man can claim insanity and blame his biological predispositions responsible for at least part of his actions. and at the very least, the rest of us can point our ethically-manicured fingers of blame and label this man disturbed.
but what about the rest of us? in the three days following the attacks, there was a huge influx in the number of guns bought and sold compared to other months. there was an percentage jump that has not been seen in years. is this not to be labelled disturbing in itself? that rather than comforting the dead and holding the injured, we run straight to the very weapon that killed them; and nonetheless in the name of comfort and safety? God bless or don't bless America.

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