Saturday, April 7, 2012

friday: not so good, not so bad

all that weight. hanging from those two nails.
the organs sinking beneath their duties and elbowing their way into one another. spleen meet liver meet stomach. a mishmash of insides, making room for more suffering. and don't forget the bones, straining beneath the burden of a body--nevertheless the entire world. bending in that awful way that bones can; rusting beneath every minute that passed. ribs poking fun at the skin. collar bones screaming for attention.
this would've been enough to kill any one of us. forget the thorns chiseled into the forehead or the best friends that kissed and hated and betrayed. forget the humiliation of being doused with others' insults and your own blood, going on a parade through the town as if your mockery was someone else's pride. and let's not even pretend any of us could have survived the weekend that was to follow.
no human could've done that.
no human could've walked 3 days later.
you are God.

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