Thursday, March 17, 2011

japan - a jumble of thoughts

people don't know a crisis when they see one. obesity epidemic my ass. mcdonald's isn't responsible for breaking the earth in half and swallowing it down with an XL tsunami.
the wreak, the havoc, the wreck.
there's so many small compilations of people's lives, just laying around covered in mud and cheeseburger wrappers among other things. there's so much vulnerability as panties and houses and tears are ready for the taking. there's all the streets and human creations that are now clothed with wardrobes and toyotas and other human creativities. there's all the humanness draped with humanness. there's all the salted tears and all that salted ocean. and there's corpses for neighbourhoods and lives with no breathing. there's all this hurt affiliated with feeling and wishing and hoping. to be human is to be cursed.
$2 hot dogs and a soul for jesus. i can't imagine the clean up and material-diet japan is yet to be hit with. i pray. i pray and i pay my $2.

1 comment:

  1. love it.
    you only payed 2 dollas?
    cheapo, they made me shell out way more.

    but hey, the sun is still shining.