Friday, December 17, 2010

you see, george, you really had a wonderful life

my typical christmas movie list:
1. it's a wonderful life
2. a charlie brown christmas
3. polar express
4. the grinch who stole christmas
there are the oddities of the 1951's christmas carol or bing crosby's white christmas, but these are the movies that truly speak the language of the holidays to me. there's something about the childlike regression of curling up with fascination in front of a TV screen, accompanied by hot chocolate and those holiday nuts everyone pretends they like. minus the copious amounts of commercials, these movies are an escape from the boring existence of humanity during the holidays, and take us away to strictly christmastime worlds. if watched during any other season, there's simply no mystical, childlike wonder to the plots or characters. there's something amicably wonderful and odd about the combination of snow (or the anticipation of it), the fireplace, a tree clothed in lights, the scattered nativity-meet-santa-clause scenes in front yards, and these films. these movies will forever be a part of my christmas traditions: as jimmy stewart preaches of un-egocentric self-worth, and linus wielding his blanket reminds us of the truth behind christmas.
hope all of your christmas traditions treat you well and your holidays are splendidly filled with shameless eating and stress relieving

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