Monday, November 22, 2010

black friday

now i'm not saying that Nicki Minaj is the greatest female rapper ever. but i'm also not promising that this article is entirely unbiased, due to my heart's immediate and uncontrollable dedication to Lil Wayne. today Nicki Minaj released her much hyped and twitter-advertised album, Pink Friday. after seemingly groupie-ing her way into the Young Money community, and quickly flaunted as both Weezy's and Drake's number one respect-her-'cause-she-actually-has-skills-hoe, Ms. Minaj moved up the Hollywood feeding chain quickly. after making a name herself, more specifically "Barbie", she proved her own diversity and adaptive skills by working with artists from teeny bopper Sean Kingston to, who should be well beyond the teeny bopper stage, Will.I.Am. after settling her constantly changing hair colour and occasionally changing accent in the top spots of the American countdowns with collaborations, Nicki finally decided to release her own album. it's no coincidence that this album is named after and released on the one week of the year that epitomizes the materially-insane attitude of America; an open invitation for people to continue their habits and spend relentless dollars on the pink cover of her music. this CD samples the many sides and tastes of the female rapper. Pink Friday has its moments of pre-young money Minaj, with Justin Bieber worthy songs featuring only autotune and absolute cheese-worthy lyrics. from these songs you can tell that her rap ingenuity has been bred of hours spent in the studio of fellow Young Moneyees. regardless of where she learned it, her rap skills produce ingenious rhymes, laced with the same overtone of cockiness also shared by her rapping colleagues. her songs "right thru me" and "moment 4 life" have produced the highest itunes popularity, and for good reason. with lyrics that rhyme hercules with mercedes (think about it), Minaj has proved herself worthy of us splurging an 8 dollars on our Friday dedicated to purchasing. her small stature has become a huge global icon, and the female rap industry will never be the same as she continues to break long-set records.

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