Monday, October 11, 2010

things that i am thankful for but always take for granted

my freedom
i know it sounds overly cliche and expected of a young 19-year old to say, but it's one of the few constants in my life. now this may be brought on by a wrath of WWII movies that i've been encompassing my time with, but either way i can't help but feel a profound sense of thanksgiving for my freedom. i mean, yes there are the moments of quiet desperation and anxiety, when i read the headline news and fear for the future that lies ahead of my generation. and yes, there is the stupidity of mankind that absolutely terrifies me. but i am still glad (or is the keyword thankful?) that i'm surrounded by a relatively peaceful neighbourhood, which i don't have to fear due to guns or have a specified bomb shelter basement picked out "just in case". i'm thankful that nuclear holocaust and all its enmities have put itself off thus far.
i love that i have a home and a way home.

but all this adult-speak has scared me off
more tomorrow my loves

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