Sunday, November 3, 2013

After amany hours of personal experience and research...

We've somehow associated this term with all sorts of tangible objects: a bridge, a ladder, a peace sign. As if when it happens it's just over and said and done. A master sketch. A final draft.
But it's never finished. There will be days when steps are taken backward instead of forward, and feelings surface that have long been drowned out. Forgiveness is a circular process.

And so, in circular fashion, we should perhaps choose the sun instead to be our tangible representation. Because reconciliation is a decision that you choose to wake up to, to put on, to walk around with. It is a never-ending cycle of day and night, with days hopefully longer than nights as the process goes on. It is a light that, like the sun, shines on the oppressor as well.

It's weird to think that this universe wasn't created for ourselves. It's strange to think that each morning is not just an opportunity for you, but for everyone around you. That the sun does not discriminate and is always manufacturing light at her core, always shining. Not just for you, but for those you hate and deserve your hate. For those who have carved your skin into scars and beat your heart. Because if there's one lesson we can learn from sola, it's that they deserve a chance at life too.

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