Sunday, April 28, 2013

four deaths in one year

fathers in the sky
a death, a heaven
a kingdom of cloud
a place where you went when your breathing matched your level of care:

fathers in the sky
an elusive God who we instinctively look 'up' to
a pointed finger
a raised hand
perhaps the world is just one big classroom
and God isn't the principal
but the janitor instead
cleaning up after our messes and mopping our floors

fathers in the sky
a rookie on the team but an expert at dealing with loss
but how do you comfort someone when words are just wasted breath, that can't breathe life into the dead?
how can you feel mad about the situation
when hers was taken away and yours only ran away?

fathers in the sky
why couldn't it be you,
my 16-year old self cries
why couldn't it be you
and not him instead

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