Monday, January 2, 2012

happy blessed january

that one year that was supposed to be the end of all the other years. gather the doctors of non-medicinal fields, the PhD'd glasses frames, and the Einstein look-a-likes with lisps. get them to preach the word through every medium. get them to sell their children's PS3's and give away their life insurance. the end is nigh.

another sprung-in new year where the drunken cowards make resolutions of life-changing behaviours. where we count our sheep or count our blessings and tell ourselves we deserve more. more better; with glamour and sparkles and popping champagne. we should all know that anything numeric based mixed with alcohol is never grounds for a new cause. we all can't help but thinking, "you all knew you were intoxicated when you made those resolutions, right?" how strange that the mayans worshipped hearts, and we don't have the heart to tell them.

another beginning or another end, depending on how you see things.
happy new years, friends and invisible audience.
ps -
if we now know the sun doesn't require human sacrifice to continue living, and that caves truly do not lead to the underworld, what makes us so sure the mayans were right about this whole world-ending thing? just a thought to ring in the new year. but a drunken thought, at that.

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