Monday, October 3, 2011

(re)tribute(ion) for teenagehood

some years to figure yourself out. a trial and error session given for your dispositions and traits and musical tastes. a decade to "dabble". to add tongue to your kisses, to enter that obscure independent stage with the parents, and ultimately to discover that one defining event that makes you realize the world is not slathered with a coat of sugar. because let's be reasonable, as arguably awesome as teenagehood is, it's equally arguably awful. we all have that pinpointed map in our minds of when and where we first encountered the universal shittiness of mankind. we've memorized the lines and the characters and the parts they played in our eventual maturation. we remember that esophageal choke that took a hold of our childish worldviews and forced it to become realistic. we all have our defining moments in the spotlight of the dark.
besides the rounds of confronting life-changing evil, which i'm sure the 20-somethings will also house, the teenage-ness is hard to let go of. it's the high school lockers of my memory. it's the training bras and the first shotgunned beer and the graduation ceremonies. it's a time of wild desire and northern BC. it's an episode of pretending to wish you were older, but really realizing that you'd probably be happy just staying that age forever.
it's a time where every other age group hates us, but we don't mind 'cause we love ourselves. i hope my 20s are like a docudrama to the song forever young.

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