Thursday, July 21, 2011

you can't turn your cheek when you're falling asleep

it's an album decorated with pots and pans, spanish mama's, and simple rhythms that you'll curse yourself for eternally humming. it's the sounds of a hippie summer and a fling with nature in 10 short tracks. i'm not completely sure how the sounds of a camping trip and an old spaghetti western collaborate, but alex ebert seems to have mastered it in his solo album, alexander. formerly known for his fame of being the assumed edward sharpe in the edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros, alex ebert is stepping out in the music realm alone. his recipe of twang-meets-tenting is spicier than his last works, equipped with more blasphemies and a more visually interesting album cover (if you consider a small child in stripes holding his rainbowed name more visually interesting). there's still the childish sing-a-long aspect to many of the songs on this album that captured our hearts when alex was posing as edward sharpe; he's just more at liberty to scream or whisper or let us peak into his musically-concocted mind on this album. his songs are still littered with back-up choirs composed of off-tune hipsters, beats made up of heavy breaths and yelling spaniards, and whistled tunes thrown into the mixture with kazoos. alex continues to wow his audiences with the melodies he can create from a melancholic pile of instruments. give his single "awake my body" a taste test, and i'll pay you money if you don't picture yourself roasting marshmallows around a fire and shotgunning beers to this song.
i'm pretty sure if alex ebert's soul was an instrument it'd be the tamborine.

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