Saturday, June 11, 2011

we need to realize that freedom has its limits too. and this freedom is killing us

we've found ourselves in the epicenter of a societal, Freudian regression. we've become a zombied crowd of babied adults, with our eyes stuck on our cellphones and our mouths stuck on our grown-up Starbucks pacifiers. we've entered an age where a bump in the road requires a warning sign, and our coffee cups need to caution us about its potentially-hazardous temperature. we are in the age of information and idiots.

you'd think as a western world we would stop endorsing evolution and survival of the fittest, because of this were the true case, we would be the first to go. us with our complaints about a single hair on a served meal of food and with our medication for every sign of an illness. we have an immunity to nothing. not even to our own stupidity.

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