Thursday, March 24, 2011

i mainly wanted to write about this just so i could use the word tumblewoof in a sentence

if you love the hipster induced trance that phoenix's wolfgang amadeus can put any sole vancouverite in, then you're going to love nothing more than the combination of this trance with being a 6'7 gangster. even for those self-proclaimed hip-hop "haters" that so notably have been mentioned in more rap songs than the actual fans, there's simply no way you can turn down a lil wayne meets phoenix remixed date. you can hate his egotistical, says-pussy-too-often attitude, or you can hate their indie fad overuse of plaid and triangles, but together they are like a mixture of oppositely tasting, overly hating deliciousness that you can't not love. there has to be at least one track from this album that i can guarantee at least one fan from each end of the spectrum is going to like. (okay, i can't guarantee, but i'm trying to attain some form of global, hipster-hiphop peace here, so just work with me so we can create a new niche of nike-wearing, plaid-with-bling teens).
the electronica meets autotuned swear-words is perfected by tumblewoof, who as far as i'm concerned was neither a tumblree or a dog in his past life. either way, it gives you a small sample of each world, and the remixes are so flawless that it sounds as if phoenix and weezy actually made peace between the two genres and rented the same studio space. my favourite song from this album is the last one, geniusly titled armillistice - a dubmix between wayne's "a milli" and phoenix's "armistice". it's a perfectly tolerable version of the song, which has replaced the irritating "a milli" repeated background with a phoenix instrumental. check it out, as well as the entire album as a free download, at tumblewoof's website:

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