Tuesday, February 22, 2011


i find myself continually frustrated and simultaneously in lust with sophia coppola's directing techniques. the lengthy pauses between dialogue make my mind race with anticipation, and make my eyes selfishly hungry for more and more scenery. her explosions of colour flavor the screen as she contrasts hot pinks with even hotter pinks, and jerry curls with jelly rolls. coppola's more-than-momentary lapses in conversation are made up with luxurious visuals: a fluorescent palette and outfits literally fit for a queen.
her directing techniques are like none other my ADHD-infiltrated mind is used to. even though she still plays the role of "director" and fulfills her duty to capture an audience, she does it in this evanescent way of entertainment. it's almost as if she flipped the bill on 1940's acts, which emphasized dialogue and stayed minimal on imagery (or at least in our 2011-conditioned minds anyways). copolla gives every effort into entertaining us with our eyes, and leaves the actual screenplay seemingly last on her 'to-do' list. her movies find a way of effortlessly forcing the audience to have to pay attention. she has a way of keeping us both enthralled and bored out of popcorn bags at the same time.
her flashy 1700's equivalence of an 80's disco will make love to your retinas while her lack of communication will almost tempt you to call your movie date quits. but stay with it. if not for the abstract idea of an alternate entertainment, then do it for pug puppies that compliment kirsten dunst's ash blonde hair perfectly. and if not that, then at least stay with it to live vicariously girly through one of the wealthiest, most materialistic women in our history. it's a patient-building, enduring experience, but it'll be worth the frustrations once the initial "boredom" shock subsides.

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