Thursday, November 11, 2010

lest we forget

this is not necessarily supposed to be a holiday-generated blog, but it's slowly evolving into one.
more media inspired shit to come soon..

today is the day of red flowers pasted onto semi-formal clothing, and the half-masting of the cloth maple leaf on flag posts. today is the day where the wrinkled old men once fashioned in soldiers attire get to practice their once-perfected salutes. today is the day when 1930's media overtakes our televisions and we become reacquainted with a long lost survival of technology.
although its not talked about enough, freedom is one of these undisclosed things that don't get considered enough. i could not even imagine being in the combat boots of any one of the men or women who has, or is currently, fighting for the order within this violent world. i am both personally indebted and personally in awe of each of these people, who are too numerous to name.
thank you, canadians. thank you to all of you who i will never meet, but will die for me anyway.
we are the dead

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